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My name is Jason Quinten Kincade; welcome to my blog.

Over a big chunk of my younger and middle years, I prospected, sniped or otherwise mined gold in the contiguous United States and Alaska while living in the ‘bush—as long as a year at a stretch (often going weeks without seeing another human). I loved every last minute of it. It wasn’t the gold alone that beckoned, more the dream.

Workin a pocket of gold in the Mojave Desert.

My previous blogs, Gorpstew.com and Slapsem.com (now defunct) lived for a couple of years, one after the other. They centered, for the most part, around prospecting for and mining gold. Some pieces were instructional how-tos and others were autobiographical, describing my adventures as a lone prospector/miner. In addition, I published posts that were editorial in nature, covering topics not related to gold prospecting or mining. Between the time I shut down Gorpstew.com and started Slapsem.com, I moved my posts to the now dearly departed Google Knol until Slapsem.com was ready to receive them.

Now that I’ve fired up this blog, my aim is to keep the fire burning. I plan to polish my old posts to republish here and grind out a few more for the fun of it–albeit slowly.

Jason Quinten Kincade
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